Monday, August 30, 2010

Design OBSESH.... Balloons!!!

Balloons. Is there really anything more magical? They are without a doubt the best thing from childhood.

If you'll recall from this post, I am obsessed with this wallpaper from Schumacher. I

would still love to use it for a babies room eventually, but in the meantime, I've found other beauties to satisfy my Balloon obsession. They're the perfect mix of Vintage French and Childhood Whimsical.

LOVE these pillows. Is there any better place to buy pillows nowadays than Etsy?

Jolie Marche on Etsy

Gorgeous Prints from Zazzle

USA take on the French Hot Air Balloon!

Gorgeous photograph from Etsy via Irenesuchocki Boutique

Love these Hermes and Louis Vuitton Ads.
The French may be a tad rude, but they're GENIUSES.

My Fave All Time Commercial.
I love you Carrie Bradshaw.

photos via YouTube

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sixties Sunday......Fall Fashion!

image via Real Simple

I was standing in line at Target this afternoon for our weekly Sunday Shop-a-thon. During my five minute wait at the check-out counter I happily flipped through the September issue of Real Simple. The article that caught my eye was a Fall Fashion spread, featuring mostly 1950's-1960's inspired looks. Yes, yes, I was smitten with 99.9% of it. OBVIOUSLY.

So, while Brian did the dishes tonight, I put together my very own 60's inspired fall outfit.
Jacket is Stella McCartney via Net-A-Porter
Dress is DKNY.
Image via Real Simple
Chanel Bag......FABULOUS.
Heels are Paris Hilton From Macy's

Gloves from Coach
Birdcage from Etsy via

It's VERY Joan from Mad Men dontchathink?

photo via

Speaking of Mad Men... Loving how they're moving to more modern 60's decor now that they are Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Did anyone notice the tulip table in Sterling's new office? LOVES.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've had a hard day.....

poster from

I've had a hard day and I am therefore thinking about two things that need to happen tonight....


image via
And the Rachel Zoe Project.....

I can always use a little fabulousness in my life.

To begin the night on a very exciting note, my friend Mallory is bringing me LOADS of Fabric swatches!! Thanks Mal!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Travel Obsession....Palm Springs

I've been jones-ing for a beach vacation literally ALL year. Galveston does NOT count. (sorry mom). I've taken some pretty great trips since January. Copenhagen and Germany in March, Los Angeles in June, New York and Seaside, FL in July, and finally Chicago in August. I finally got my beach fix at Miss Petta's beach house a few weeks ago and now I'm on to my next big obsesh. And that would be Palm Springs. This itch for the beautiful place in the desert probably comes from my serious, getting worse by the day 1960's obsession. This infatuation is particularly strong for the times that took place in California, namely in Los Angeles and the destination vacay for the rich and famous of that time...Palm Springs. People like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor had homes in this fabulous place.

Love this tote!

It should be no surprise that a fabulous vacation spot like this should have fabulous hotels. There are three in particular that I am DYING to stay at.

The Parker Palm Springs seems to be the most classic of the three. SO many gorgeous weddings take place here. The decor is PHENOMENAL.

The Gene Autry Villa at the Parker Palm Springs

Patio Room at the Parker Palm Springs

If you wanted to do a Parker Palm springs style bedroom, all you need is a sleek-mod bed with neutral bedding and a punch of color.

The Viceroy Palm Springs might be my favorite. If you research it for about 15 seconds, you'll see why. Wait for it..... Designed by none other than Fabulousness Incarnated in human-form, Kelly Wearstler! Very Glam. Very Sunny.

Isn't this all white dining room GLAM? Love Kelly's Style!

Use these pieces from Z-Gallerie and West Elm for a Wearstler-Style Living Area!

The Ace Hotel and Swim Club is way more laid back than the first two. I love the rustic-glam decor. Brian and I need to take a vacation here IMMEDIATELY.

The Ace Hotel via Elle Decor Magazine

Love these items for an Ace inspired space.

Great Round Rug from West Elm

I would have to say that Palm Springs is climbing quickly to the top of my list when it comes to a perfect destination wedding spot. Who wants to come?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Palm Springs weddings featured on my FAVE wedding blog, Style Me Pretty. By the way, if you're a soon-to-be blusing bride with Faboo taste, or just a wedding dork sans ring like me, scoot on over to Style Me Pretty and soak up Miss Abby Larson's wedding sunshine. You will NOT be dissapointed.

Love this Super Glam wedding

I would want to get married at the Parker Palm Springs just so we could have pictures taken in front of this fabulous entry way. Yes Please!

So, the question begs... who wants to jet off to Palm Springs with me?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sixties Sunday!

I guess at this point in my blogo-life, it's not exactly a secret that I'm OBSESSED with the 1960's.

Now let's be clear, I don't mean the flower-child, hippie Sixties. I mean the glam, early 1960's of the Mad-Men, Jackie Kennedy, and Babe Paley.

via AMC's Mad Men

Jackie in the Early 1960's via The Field Museum

Jackie's redecoration of the White House in the 1960's was a pioneer effort by her Fabulous First Ladyness!

While Home Decor is always my first concern, I love sixties fashion as well. Today on my lazy Sunday-store browsing that I dragged Brian on (sorry B.), I ran across Talbots. Ok, before you sign out of my blog because you now believe that I'm in fact a 60 year old grandma, let me tell you that they have seriously had a major REDESIGN. According to my sweet resident Talbots sales associate, they are now catering to a "younger crowd." I loved alot of things I saw, mainly because it had such a gorgeous sixties vibe. Plus, since the price point is much cheaper than say, Kate Spade (also with GORGEOUS sixties stuff) or my fave, miss TORY BURCH, you can mix and match! I'll show you exactly what I mean.

Dress from Talbots

Sweater from Kate Spade

For a perfect sixties-style living area, you can mix and match expensive and bargain basement too!

Would love two of these on the side tables flanking the couch
via Etsy

Love this chair from Wisteria covered in the Madeline Weinrib fabric below.

items from Pieces in Buckhead, GA

wallpaper from Farrow & Ball

I think these elements could come together for the perfect 1960's meets Modern Day living room!

Just for fun, I went on today where you can Mad-Men Yourself. Basically you make yourself into your very own 1960's character! How perfectly delightful! Here is my result!