Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays.....The Rehearsal Dinner

I bring this Wedding Wednesday to you with a simple question.

Have you ever had a cupcake that had amazing icing, but when you got to the cake part, it was mediocre at best?

Sure, we all have.

That's how I feel about fabulous weddings with bad rehearsal dinners.
You know, the one's that appear to be an after thought in the mind of the bride, groom and their families.

The one's that are SO phoned in.

But it does not have to be that way my friends.
It does NOT have to be that way.

Your rehearsal can be traditional.

Or GLAM....

Or even rustic.

I think the best rehearsal dinners are the one's that represent you and the groom as a couple.
Nothing is worse than a stuffy dinner at an old country club.

I adore this one, held by blogger Bailey of Peppermint Bliss.

Technically, I think it was a welcome party of sorts.
But who's counting?

And just look how fabulous.
I love the rustic Texas meets Colorado vibe.

And and chandy made of cowboy hats.
How fun. How original.

My rehearsal dinner ideas, you ask?

Let's set the scene.

Location: Palm Springs (duh.)

Specific Venue: The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

It has such a fun, cool vibe

Refreshments to be served:
Different kinds of "interesting" beer.

No Bud or Coors in sight.

Main Attraction: Vintage Air Stream trailers.
Keeping with my 1950's/1960's vibe.

Serving: Freshly made tacos---straight from the Air Stream window.
A fun activity for guests and an inventive way to serve food!

Decor: Succulents and bright, fun flowers!

And, depending on whether or not I end up using this inspiration for the actual wedding, 
I may have to throw some of this action in here.

images via,,

Which brings me to another point---If your wedding will be super formal, give your guests a rest the night before and throw and fun, yet casual soiree.

That's why I want a casual "beer and tacos" dinner.
Something people would feel comfortable wearing jeans or a sundress to.

Plus, I would most certainly need to be wearing a little Trina Turk.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dining Room Inspiration!

Recently, my mom has been talking to me about helping her re-do her dining room.

She loves the color---which is a pinky-coraly-red color, but she's ready to do something fresh with the furniture (which I pointed all was all the same color) and the accessories.

You can kind of see the color in these photos from my friend Liz's bridal shower that I hosted last year with Lauren from The Semi-Designed Life.

She has all mahogany furniture (dining table, china hutch, buffet, chairs), an oriental rug and a very traditional brass chandelier.

I'm planning to modernize it a bit, while still keeping it traditional, because that's what blends with the vibe in her home.

One of the first things I'm planning to suggest is doing a lacquered finish on the walls in the existing coral color.

Here are some inspiration photos for the walls:

I will say that I also love rooms that have lacquered walls, with the ceiling lacquered in the same color.

I would love for her to pain the ceiling, walls and trim in the coral color.
Color Saturation at it's best.

I'm going to suggest that she keep her traditional waxed mahogany dining table and then add "mis-matched" painted french chairs.
The color scheme I'm contemplating is coral, light grey and soft aqua.

I love these inspiration photos for the dining room scheme:

What are your favorite aspects of a dining room?

Really unique chairs? A stunning chandelier? A really cool buffet?

Talk to me people.

Friday, February 24, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things!

Remember Oprah's Favorite Things?
And how excited everyone in the audience would get?

Probably because they knew they were winning new cars and all kinds of crap,
but still.

Anyway--We're going to start doing that on Fridays on this here blog.

Ready Freddy?

Here are my Friday Faves!

When I say that I haven't taken these off since I opened them on Christmas 
morning, I'm sort-of, but not really kidding.

They're amazing, thick, wash well.
Can't say enough. LOVE THEM.

Are ya'll looking on Dering Hall yet?
It's a new site that showcases well known designer's portfolios and products.
Anyway, I was perusing Tobi Fairley's page and I came across this canary yellow lantern.

I just think it's to die.

Celia Foote in The Help
It's my new favorite movie.
I laugh, I cry, I oggle 60's clothing and interiors.
And I love everything about Celia.
Personality, Clothes, Her unabashed brazen demeanor, and mostly how she describes her interior decorating style....

" If I had it my way---It'd be wall to wall white carpet with gold trim."

You're a doll Celia. The woman I long to be!

I have one in almost every color and they're amazing. I wear one under absolutely everything.
It smooths you out, hides uneccessary boobage, and adds a punch of color under your top.

Blue tufted sofas.
Yes, specifically tufted and specifically blue.
They're oh so glam.

Statement window treatments.
I'm in no way advocating treatments that swallow your room. 
But I love a pop of color and some good tailored detailing.

And the coral----Oh, THE coral.

Happy Friday to all!
I'm headed to Houston for the weekend for my friend Jen's bridal shower.
What are your plans?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patent Leather...Unexpected, and Fabulous!

I think the best design elements are the one's that are unexpected.
Which is why I'm really loving patent leather upholstery on classic chair shapes.

Give me a Louis XVI style chair or a classic mid century shape in a punchy patent,
and I'm totally on board!

I love the combo of yellow and green here.
Super fab!

Love this tufted yellow version too!

Kelly Wearstler---Always a win!

What's your take on patent leather on a classic chair?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rose colored glasses....

Sometimes my unhealthy obsession with pink 
makes me think weird thoughts.

Like how I want to get married inside this pink cake shop.

And serve my guest mini champagnes
in tiny ice buckets.

And make them eat pink cotton candy from a 
vintage French garden cart.

And have my bridesmaids wear vintage.

images via
While I proceed to look like a cake myself.
In a very very good way.

Or Genius?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I super enjoy it when.....

People do fun things with tile.
It just makes me happy.

Wouldn't you just love getting up in the morning if it mean brushing your teeth in this bathroom?
I would.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Frugalista Decorista----Rugs

I was looking for rugs online last night,
and it dawned on me that I hadn't shared one of my top
Frugalista Decorista secrets with you.

And that, my friends, is the magic of the Indoor/Outdoor rug.

I wouldn't recommend putting most indoor rugs outside, 
but the rule doesn't really apply the other way.
You can put pretty much anything indoors.

First off, quite a few companies make them now.
Especially if they already sell outdoor furniture.

And they have two major benefits.
Number One: Super cost effective.
All the rugs I'm showing below are way under $200 for a 5X8 rug.

Number Two: You can hose them off.

Need I say more?

If you have dogs or children, you understand why that's a plus.

If you don't have either, then you probably have plenty of disposable income 
to spend on a rug---So this particular post doesn't apply to you.

Look how perty!

This greek key version is on a bit of a back order,
but good (and cheap) things are worth waiting for.

Also from Frontgate

This one is Ballard Designs. I'm not a red person typically,
but I like this coral version.

So is this one---and It's $89 for a 5x7
Is that a joke?
No, it's not.

Fun leopard!
Also Ballard.

I don't even know how to explain this geometric magic.
And these are SUPER on sale right now.
Ballard too.

Love both of these fun versions from World Market

For serious, if you need floor coverings on a budget,
check out Indoor/Outdoor rugs.

They're fab.