Friday, January 29, 2016

Brass is BACK.

A few months ago I was in a plumbing supply place trying (at no avail) to find a trim kit for an old style shower valve. While standing there, I was lamenting at their lack of attractive brass options, and another patron (who identified himself as a builder) over heard me and informed me that brass was simply "out of style". I had news for this guy (who apparently hasn't picked up a decor magazine since 2007)---BRASS, IS BACK.

Unless you've been living under a design rock for the last few years, you undoubtedly realize that brass has made a resurgence in the market---and it's not your grandmother's brass either. I especially like it where faucets are concerned. There's a way that it adds warmth to white, grey and black that nothing else can.

Here are a few Pinterest inspo pics...

And some of my own work with brass faucets below.

photo by Kelli Elizabeth Photography

What do you think of brass faucets and brass hardware in general? Is it a yes or a no?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mackenzie Page Interiors-Office Inspiration

When I decided to go out on my own and give Mackenzie Page Interiors a full time shot, one of the things I kept hearing from all the "advice givers" out there was to keep my overhead as low as possible for as long as possible. This is a sentiment I totally resonated with, and thus my decision to carve a space out of our guest room for my office for the time being. It's ideal in some ways---Hello early morning emails in my PJ's! It's not ideal in others, but I am making due.

This has not stopped me from dreaming up ideas for my own office once I get to the point where having one makes sense. I am more traditional with a twist in my own style at home, but when I have my own office some day, I love the idea of doing mostly contemporary with some antiques mixed in, like this gorgeous mirror at Aerin Lauder's office shown below. I'm very inspired by both her office and the Moda Operandi headquarters, also based in NYC.

Aerin's Lovely office above. I love how she so effortlessly mixes modern pieces with vintage and well thought out pops of color with clean and crisp neutrals.

And Moda Operandi's offices. Those window frames painted in a high gloss oxblood---I cannot even. SO GOOD.

Love their unabashed use of pink.

Also loved this crisp and clean conference room I saw on pinterest.

So, For my office, I think I'd start with sealed concrete floors in a grey color.
Like This.

Followed by walls painted in a whispery pink, like Farrow & Ball's Middleton Pink.

I think when you're a lady boss it's the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and just go for it with the pink.

Speaking of going for it, I think I'd do several rugs made of bound leopard carpet.

Most of the surfaces in the office I'd keep simple, but for my own desk, I love this one by World's Away. How could you not be creative on a burlwood and brass surface?

I saw this chair on ABC Carpet and Home's website about a year ago and I am still coveting it for my desk chair. It's price tag was a tad steep for me (keeping that overhead down, remember?) but I think I could recreate the look by recovering this Ikea chair in a pink velvet and spray painting the base in a rose gold!

For the rest of the office surfaces, I like a bunch of these simple Ikea tables put together.

I love the idea of having these chairs pulled up to the Ikea tables. I love the classic style, and reinvented with the hunter green or navy, they are perfection!

Every design office needs a little seating area, and I love this tufted pink velvet settee from Anthropologie.

I love this more contemporary coffee table, also from Anthropologie to offset the traditional and girly factor of the settee.

On the desks, I love the thought of using several of these lamps from Ikea. A great price, and I love how they bring out the use of both brass and nickel.

I envision my office as one big room and I'd love to have an island for meeting with clients and laying out fabric stories. I would do two of these marble topped islands from

For seating around the island, I love two or three of these Serena & Lily counter stools. I like how they add a fun Frenchy element!

Over the islands, I'd place a few of these pendant lights from Ikea.

On the wall, I'd add two fun vintage mirrors---Love this pair from Circa Who.

I'd also do some fun retro photographs on the wall---maybe this one of Babe Paley taken by Slim Aarons, available on

Here's hoping I'll get to make this dream a reality someday soon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Go There-----The Raleigh Hotel in Miami

Exactly three years ago, I got an opportunity to take a work trip to Miami. I had been to Florida before, mostly to Seaside, and while I expected to like Miami, I did not expect to fall in love with it like I did. We stayed in Miami Beach (South Beach) for the duration of the trip, and on my morning walks to get coffee, I couldn't help but be captivated by the fabulously preserved art deco architecture, especially that of the hotels that are scattered along the ocean.

One hotel that I spotted in particular on that trip, and one that I vowed to return to one day, was the The Raleigh. Built in 1940, and beautifully re-done, the Raleigh boasts all the modern amenities you could ask for, while offering an ambiance that can only be present when a space is authentically retro.

The main element of the hotel that I keep dying over is the abundance of gorgeous outdoor spaces!

 I mean, just LOOK at that pool.

How would you like to have a lavish dinner on this patio?

Or a champagne brunch on this veranda?
Let's be honest, put kelly green stripes on just about anything and I'm smitten as a kitten.

I love this shot of the the entrance just beyond the palm.
It looks like the gates to heaven, if you ask me.

The interior has been restored to all it's retro glory.

The rooms are chock full of peachy goodness.

I even love this beach lounging situation. 
What. A. DREAM.

 I love this vintage photo of the pool. 
Pink Perfection!

image via here

I am turning the dreaded 3-0 at the end of May and we are taking a trip to Miami to celebrate. We are still deciding on hotels at the moment, but this South Beach beauty is at the tip top of my list.

Now I just need to go stock up on palm print attire to wear!

Happy Humpday Everyone!

images via TheRaleigh

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The New House Beautiful and My Favorite Project by Miles Redd

I finally had a chance to open my February issue of House Beautiful last night after being out of town for the wedding. I have spent the last several days reading blog posts that fawn all over Michelle Adams' (former editor of both Lonny and Domino) home in Ann Arbor, and while I adore Michelle's cottage and it's minimalist meets edgy that somehow all fits together to be totally timeless sensibility, it was another project that caught my eye.

Miles Redd's refresh of his parent's home in Buckhead, which is a wealthy suburb of Atlanta is absolutely stunning and my only disappointment is that they didn't show more of it!

Ok, so first, here's Miles with his family, and no shock here, they are just as cute as he is.
Loving the vintage French iron furniture and the white and red cushions. How fun and classic.
I am also really enjoying the cross marketing of his fabric line for Schumacher which if you haven't seen it, is TO DIE FOR.

I adore this room that he made his mother's office---That large skirted table is a dining table with leaves. First, what a fun fabric opportunity---Loving this Lee Jofa Althea chintz, AND what a great way to hide stuff that you don't want to be seen! Which, let's be honest unsightly junk graces almost every office. I also love the addition of those two huge blue and white lamps and how Miles brings it all together with pleated silk shades that tie in the other fabrics in the room.

Their dining room is SO fun, and yet somehow still totally traditional. Love the china cabinet----I actually found one similar for my own mother. The yellow and cream striped wallpaper really grounds the space. I like how they went with another table skirt in here as well. Have an "L-shaped scratch" in your dining table like Elizabeth in The Help? A table skirt is a great option---much less expensive than just replacing your table and bonus, you could have a couple made to change out for different occasions. Please, please in the name of all that is good and holy have it made, and also make sure it touches the ground.

all images via House Beautiful

I was reminded of what I really love about Miles Redd's style while looking at this project. He is often wild and subversive with his use of color and patterns, but it all inherently FITS together. He ties it all back by repeating a color or theme in an accessory or a lamp shade. It makes his interiors look cohesive. I'm always curious as to whether there's something I've missed or don't get when it comes to some other designer's projects. It often seems that people mis-match and try wild color or pattern just to be noticed and it sometimes looks more random than beautiful.

Bravo Miles!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

South Congress Hotel

The last of my Matron of Honor duties this weekend was to pick up my sister and her new husband, Kirk at the hotel they stayed at for their wedding night. They chose the new South Congress Hotel and not only was it absolutely stunning, but full of eye candy everywhere I looked. The lobby pictured above was the perfect balance of mid-century inspired, Austin-esque bohemian chic and just a touch edgy. Certainly not your typical hotel lobby, even where the "nice" one's are concerned.

I am dying to dine at Cafe No Se upon my return to Austin. The decor, albiet minimalist, is warm and very chic. You can't help but think as you walk around this whole space...I wish I could have a house like this.

It's definitely too bohemian for my every day life---I need comfortable upholstery and lots of velvet and silk surrounding me--but it's such a fun space to visit for a night or two.

image via here

image via here

Once I arrived at their Suite--aptly name the "Congress Suite" I continued to be in awe of the decor, ESPECIALLY as I walked into their bathroom (pictured below). Holy bohemian and brass heaven. That counter to the left is a gorgeous neutral marble, and while I usually perceive vessel sinks as being very dated looking---the unique shape of these was very cool. I also like the different take on subway tile with the more elongated version and using the same tile in two different colors. Talk about visual impact. What I was really dying over was the brass framing on the shower glass. YES. It was everything. Topped off with brass faucets and fixtures and a floating oval tub---and it was heaven.

image via here

image via here

A view from their suite. You may as well have been looking over the view in LA.

image via here

image via here

I am so excited to return to South Congress Hotel at some point---SOCO is one of my favorite parts of Austin for the shopping, eating and the vibe.

South Congress Hotel may even have beat out my burning desire to stay at Hotel San Jose---or maybe I'll just have to take two trips!

image via here