Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Decisions Must Be Made!

Well, We're FINALLY doing it. Last week, Brian got the permits for OUR house. 
I can't even explain how huge this is for us, especially for me.

I moved in with Brian about nine years ago, and we've changed our "plan" a million and one times.
We've thought about re-doing the house, moving, finding another house to re-do and move to, and most recently, building something new.

We own a lot about a mile from our existing house, and while we may move forward with building on it one day, we ultimately decided that it was not the right time for our family to do a new build.
We have no children and we have no idea what our future family looks like. Jumping into a new build when your family unit is so up in the air seemed silly and maybe pre-mature. 

So, this spring we started having plans drafted to make our little cottage something more special.
We are adding an addition to the back of the house, which will have a family room, large porch and upstairs master suite.
Our existing house is being completely re-done and we're taking in our one-car garage and adding it as usable kitchen space. I AM SO EXCITED.

With this re-do comes something which makes me entirely uncomfortable, and that is making design decisions for myself. Obviously I've made a career out of making design decisions for other people. I would venture to say I'm good at this, and even quite decisive. I know what I like, and even my quickest decisions are ones I don't regret.

But ya'll. Making decisions for your own house as a designer is SO HARD.
I think it's because you know the full breadth of what's out there and it's really hard to narrow it down.

One of my latest downward spirals centers around our guest bath, which will also serve as the powder. 
It is small and will be charming.

I have narrowed down the color scheme to blue and white. Clean and classic.

I'm planning on a pink kitchen (more on that later) and a fairly sizable amount of pink in the dining room, so I felt like I needed to tone down the pink and go with one of my other favorite colors for this bathroom that will be the main bath guests see.

Here are some of my inspiration photos. Not all are of bathrooms, but these show the vibe I'm going for in there.

Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes Bath at the Kips Bay Showhouse NYC 2018
I actually saw the above bath in person when I visited Kip's Bay last May. It was STUNNING and the pictures do not do it justice. This bathroom has become part of my downward spiral, which I'll get into in a minute.

I liked the above inspiration picture because, although I'm going for a different color scheme in the guest bath, this is very similar to how our bath is layed out. We currently have a tub in there, and it will be turned into a walk in shower.

I really love the sink console they used and how clean and classic it is. 
It turns out it's from Signature Hardware and is quite reasonable!

It's available in several finishes but I'm partial to the polished brass or polished nickel.

And here's where the downward spiral begins my friends.

You see, I've always been a die hard brass person. I adore brass. I've spent YEARS convincing every client of mine that brass is pretty much the only way. I've sometimes done a polished nickel or chrome bathroom or two at the request of the client, but brass in bathrooms has been my passion.

And now I'm not sure that I want it in my guest bath.
Eeek, I can't believe I just said that out loud.

Here's whats going on.

Brian is insistent that we use either Delta or Brizo plumbing fixtures. I agree with this standpoint on a bunch of different levels.

1. It's great quality. Brizo is owned by Delta and their valves are universal, they're easily serviceable and the quality is fabulous.
2. It's cost effective.
3. Their styles are timeless and something we won't tire of.

Delta does carry a brass, which they call Champagne Bronze in Delta Fixtures and Brilliance Luxe Gold in Brizo Fixtures. Both are pretty much the same finish and although they don't match the Signature Hardware Console above that I plan to use, I think I could probably make my peace with a tone on tone situation if I decided to go the brass route.

Lately, As I've been researching Delta Fixtures, I've kind of fallen in love with their polished nickel options.

Above and Below, Delta's Cassidy Faucet, Above in Champagne Bronze, Below In Polished Nickel.

 Brizo's Baliza Line is what started my Polished Nickel Love Affair and it's a definite contender for the guest bath. It doesn't come in the Brilliance Luxe Gold, so if I went for this one, I'd have to do polished nickel.

Brizo's Rook Line comes in both the gold and the polished nickel. I love how it's traditional and sleek all at the same time, and different from what you normally see. Because of its availability in both gold and nickel, I may save it for my master bath, which I am certain I want to do in brass.

Brizo's Odin Line is another contender in the Brilliance Luxe Gold. I love the sleek modern lines of this one.

Last but not least, Delta's Trinsic line will always be a favorite. I love the way it looks in their champagne bronze.

If you're wondering what I plan to do with my tile, here we go.

On the walls, I am planning on using a modeled subway, which looks hand made (even though the price point tells otherwise).
 Available at Home Depot
Available at Home Depot

On the floor, I am thinking of doing one of two options.

Either a blue and white Mexican talavera tile on the bathroom floor (I would probably add a white penny tile on the shower floor in this scenario.)
I love the look of talavera, my only hesitation is whether it will be durable (and very susceptible to cracking.)

If I do end up with the blue and white tile on the floor, I think I might consider one of these Scalamandre wallpapers with a stronger blue.

My other floor option is the flower mosaic from Floor & Decor above. I love the blue-ish aqua color and the ceramic will certainly be durable and the abundance of grout lines would aid in slip resistance.

If I ended up with the above floor, I'd probably lean toward this Schumacher wallpaper.

So readers, I would love to know. Do you think I should lean toward brass or polished nickel? 
Comment below and let me know your thoughts. My sanity would greatly appreciate it.


Brenda said...

Brass, definitely brass!! I love your tile options and the handmade look of the subway tile is beautiful. I love the way brass pops against the blue.

Mary K. said...

love the blue and white in bathroom especially! Choose the faucet that is the taller one in nickel.

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