Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Pink Project

Have ya'll gotten a copy of Ronda Carman's new book Designers at Home?
If you haven't---get thee to your Amazon account immediately---its super fabulous. 
It includes tons of interior designer's personal residences, and it's always fun to see how designers put together their own homes.

Martha Stewart wrote the foreword to the book and I could not stop staring at the shot opposite her words, of a dining room in her guesthouse, shown above. The soft pink walls and dental molding are warm and glamorous.

I was desperate to see more pictures of this house, and I found them on the Martha Stewart website.
The rest of the house is equally fabulous. And as always, when I see something that really inspires me, the wheels start turning.

Would you like to know what this house made me want to do? 

It made me want to have ONE. BIG. PINK. HOUSE.

Not completely and totally pink, like this one.
That's more fun in a guest house, somewhere you don't have to live all the time.

But I'm seriously thinking about integrating pink, whether a big or small dose in almost every room in our next house.

So, over the next few weeks I'll be discussing ideas for what I'm calling, 
The Pink Project.

Perhaps it will inspire you to integrate touches of your favorite color into all your rooms!

And speaking of good ol' Martha, here's a recipe for Shrimp Pad Thai I tried last night and loved!
If you're only cooking for two, it makes tons of leftovers.