Sunday, August 28, 2011

Malachite.....Love it or Leave it?

Recently, I was visiting one of my fave home stores,
High Fashion Home and my friend Lauren pointed out these gorgeous malachite jewelry boxes.

Malachite isn't really an element that I've thought about before,
but I love it.


Malachite is so retro, yet fresh and sophisticated.

What's your take?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep Calm and Act Like Princess Kate

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This blogger is sleepy and feeling un-inspired on this Wedding Wednesday.
I'm postponing it until tomorrow!

I did however, want to share this bit of "bridal wisdom" for 
all those would-be bride-zillas out there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living Room Lovin'

Last week, I showed you a picture of what my living room looks like currently.
It's lovely, but I'm ready to start making a few changes that I've been waiting to make.

As you know, I've been trying to decide how to re-do my new bamboo chairs that
I found at the Fort Worth flea market last month.

My biggest challenge has been deciding how to use the chairs to compliment the living room that they will
be sitting directly across from.

This weekend, my friend Lauren and I were playing around with fabrics and I think I've finally settled on a combo that I adore.

The fabric combo I chose.

I already have a Schumacher Hot House Flowers pillow in the Verdance colorway.
The cream and mustard floral pattern was holding the place of a similar colored throw I already have that I will be using.

I loved the Trina Turk Peacock Fabric in blue, but I didn't want to make everything in my house
look totally "Palm Beachy" in case I get tired of that look.

I also want my living area to be sophisticated and to grow with my tastes.

So here's what I came up with:

 I'm wanting a tan leather chesterfield and to have my wingback chair recovered in tan linen.
I also plan to recover a slipper chair in tan linen with an aqua detail at the bottom.

I really like the idea of my bamboo chairs in a gloss navy with the Trina Turk peacock print.

The pillows for my couch would be an olive green velvet, to tie in the olive tone in the peacock print.
In front of those pillows, I plan to use Schumacher's Shantung Silhouette in Mineral.
Which, I'm pretty much obsessed with.

And I think I've settled on getting a burlwood coffee table.
It's just too amazing and mid-century.

Even though these colors are more muted than what I'm currently into,
I think they're timeless.

Thoughts Party People?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink and Orange....Get Ready, Cuz here I come!

I've been putting ALOT of thought into my boudoir lately.
And I've been making some great decisions.

I recently purchased the Restoration Hardware Italian Hotel Satin Stitch Bedding in Blush
and I've been trying to gather inspiration around that.

The colors above are basically what I'm wanting, except let's replace hot pink with a blush pink.

I was originally leaning towards the Pimento French Ring sheets from Serena & Lily,
but I decided against it in favor of the Shell Trellis sheets.

I think the light pink will give me more versatility with the shade of orange accents I use,
especially since I've decided to use two Bengal Bazaar throw pillows on my bed in the apricot color.

I'm planning to monogram the duvet and standard shams with an orange or coral monogram.
And I'd like to do something different, like one of the monograms above.

If you'll remember, this is the photo that inspired the boudoir.

I love the blush pink tufted headboard in the picture.
I currently have a flax linen headboard, which I think I'll stick with for now,
but I'm considering recovering the tufted ottoman at the end of my bed in either a pink silk or a flax linen. Thoughts?

I also have another questions for all my super stylish readers.
How do you feel about the blue parson's desk? Is it too much of a departure from the pink and orange?
I thought it might be a cool accent, and different from the white version that EVERYONE has.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee Table Time..... The Revel and the Reality

I'm currently on the hunt for a new coffee table.

Remember when I showed you the most current photos of my living room a couple months ago?

Well, my former black and gold Hollywood Regency style coffee table was chewed up 
by a couple naughty little monsters.

The Culprits.
One Mr. Trump and one Ms. Trammell.

It was looking pretty bad. 
This Ikea "Lack" coffee table is currently holding it's place 
while I figure out exactly what I want.

As with all shopping/decorating dilemas, 
I typically like to drool over the items that are out of my price range first.

Like this lucite and rope coffee table from Pieces.

I love this Rattan table, also from Pieces,
but I'm quite certain that my dogs would see it as one giant chew station.

These are great too.

Pieces, I love you, but you're unfortunately not in my price range right now.
The second you are, I will be purchasing everything in sight at your store.

Of course when you're browsing through things you can't afford, 
you find---- OTHER things you can't afford.

Like this FABULOUS burlwood and lucite console.

Or this burlwood and lucite desk,
that NEEDS to be mine.

Other Coffee Tables I just adore...
Love this brass and wood table from

And this gold and mirrored glass piece, The Sabine Table, from 

And the Harrison Coffee table from
This table is SO fabulous. Love the lucite mixed with the glass and architectural bronze.

As for what I can afford today, I'm loving this piece from Circa Who 
in Palm Beach.

I'm really liking multi-level coffee tables.

I also like this all-lucite version.

I found this burlwood beauty on Etsy.

I'm pretty into burlwood, mainly because I feel like it can be styled so many different ways.
It's obviously very 1960's, but it can go Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern,
Dark and Sophisticated or Light and Colorful.

What is your pick?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super EXCITED about Society Social!

The other day I was reading one of my fave blogs, Things That Sparkle.
Her post on Tuesday was about this fab new company, Society Social.

Roxy of My Cup of Te is the brains behind this beauty!

I went to their website, which now has the most darling online catalog EVER.
I've seriously looked at it like 15 times in the last 24 hrs.

They're selling bar carts, assorted furniture, and the most FABULOUS hostess gowns.
Feast your eyes!

The hostess gown is A-mazing.
I think I need one in every color.

I especially need this gown in YELLOW.
Can't you see me at my Palm Springs rehearsal dinner galavanting around in this baby?
(No, you didn't miss anything.... Not engaged.)

And the bar carts.... OH, THE BAR CARTS.
There are several bar carts to choose from, but I think this Stanton Bar Cart is my fave!

I'm also dying over this Marilyn sofa of theirs.

I was pretty excited, 

Until I saw this.

And I just about died.
Because we all know how much I adore Mad Men.
And they've styled a room a la Mr. Don Draper.

all images courtesy of Society Social

So what do you think Ladies?
Is anyone whipping their Amex out faster than I am?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renovation Fantasy....

I feel like I'm in the minority population when it comes to my attitude about renovations.
Most of my peers seem to want homes that are already redone or need nothing more than a good paint job.

I couldn't feel more differently.

I actually look for homes that need tons of work, 
because I see it as a chance to really make it my own.

Recently, I've come across a really cool mid-century modern home that needs TONS of work.
See the kitchen here? It needs a gut job.
However, it could be a DARLING house if renovated correctly.

Here's what I have in mind for this baby....

White lacquer cabinets a la Ikea.

Carerra Marble Countertops.

Shiny white subway tiles on the backsplash.

Lucite cabinet hardware

And coordinating lucite bar stools.

Plus a big island and some sort of seating nook.
And, to top off the island, a cool mid-century
brass lighting fixture.

images via

How do you feel about renovations?
Love em' or Leave em'?