Friday, February 5, 2016

Fixer Upper on HGTV and How to Get the Look!

Brian and I have always loved HGTV. Some of it is hard to watch---especially since a lot of it makes my job a lot more difficult---they tend to give some very unrealistic budgets and time frames on some of the makeover shows, but it's for sure addicting and fun to watch. Fixer Upper with Joanna and Chip Gaines has become our absolute favorite show on the network.

I think the reason so many people like the Gaines' is that they are so sweet, funny and down to earth.

It also doesn't hurt that they are from Texas (and just an hour and a half away from where we are!).

 Joanna is know for her clean, rustic and crisp interiors and I know that many would like to emulate her style.

A couple weeks ago I noticed a post on a popular Facebook forum that I follow requesting ideas on how to get the "Fixer Upper look" for a reasonable price. It gave me an idea for this post---to show several pieces that will give you the look.

First, some inspiration from Fixer Upper.

This might be my favorite kitchen that Joanna has ever done. Love the waterfall island and how she carried the subway tile all along the walls and up to the ceiling.

images via

Here are my "Fixer Upper Style" furniture and accessory picks.

World Market has a slew of pretty and very affordable dining chairs, a lot of which are sold in pairs.
Love the Frenchy-Rustic vibe of these.

These RH Baby & Child (children's collections from larger retailers are a great place to buy lighting/rugs at a lower cost) pendants would be fabulous over a kitchen island.

Love how this nightstand is both Mid-Century and Rustic---a great mix of styles and lots of good storage.

I've actually ordered this exact sofa for a client and I was very happy with the quality. It's a great price for a chesterfield style sofa and it's real leather as opposed to some of the synthetic versions.

I think this lantern is really fun. A simple design, but I think the screen and the washed wood give it a lot of personality!

The dining chairs are also from World Market and I like that they're a different take on what we usually see.

This rug is 70% off right now on and comes in a variety of sizes. I like how the style is more traditional but the fading on it makes it more rustic and a bit contemporary.

Love this coffee table---very much like the nightstand above, it's both Mid-Century and Rustic.

I've seen versions of this bar stool a lot, but I love how it's legs are more sleek and tapered.

Really fun jute wrapped chandelier.

Great cabinet to display accessories & antiques.

Love this bookcase---would look great flanking a console in a large dining room or even as extra shelving in a kitchen.

This table is great looking and really versatile---it would look fab with a variety of chairs.

These chairs are a perfect mix of contemporary and country.

Love this leather chair from West Elm---a more modern take on a wingback, but still comfortable and versatile.

Do you guys love Chip and Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper as much as we do? Would love to hear what your favorite episode/house was!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nursery Fun by Alice + Olivia and How to Get a Similar Look!

Earlier in the week, a client of mine texted me a screen shot of this picture off of Alice & Olivia designer Stacey Bendet's instagram. It's the nursery for her third daughter, who arrived recently.
I adore how fun and bright this nursery is, but the thing that struck me the most was an unabashed use of a colorful and heavily patterned wallpaper. It really makes the look and I think it would be such great stimulation for a new baby to have all these shapes and colors surrounding their room.

A progress photo. That Rosewood door is TO DIE FOR. 

Love this custom skirted bassinet. The graphic black and white is a great juxtaposition to the colorful walls.

images via here and here

I love how they kept the crib neutral against all of the color and pattern--- complete with very blue curtains and fun chandelier. I love how saturated this is, but if this were in my personal home, I might have done white drapery with a cobalt trim---but, to each their own and it looks fabulous.

 For slightly older children, I adore this dress and peacoat from Alice + Olivia's kids collection.

Inspired by Stacey Bendet's fabulous nursery, I decided to put together some inspiration for a nursery with another colorful and fun patterned wallpaper.

Using my favorite Scalamandre wallpaper---Chinois Exotique.

 With a black Jenny Lind Crib. A steal at $219---Great to offset the cost of the wallpaper.

I'd do the trim and doors in Farrow & Ball's Red Earth.

Shown here on walls.

And here on paneling and cabinetry.

Both images via Pinterest

I would do drapes in this Scalamandre jacquard---Pickfair in Coral. I would also find a fun green and coral tassel trim to add to the edges.

For lighting I adore this Coleen & Company Lantern in Peacock. So fun and whimsical, just like the wallpaper!

Do you like the idea of wallpaper in a nursery? 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

O.J. Simpson, The 90's and Style.

Did ya'll get to watch the series premiere of The People vs O.J. Simpson last night? It was SO good.
I am already totally hooked on it, which considering how enthralled America was with the trial over 20 years ago, is not surprising. 

This is a weird comment, but if you are at all into reality tv, it's really worth a watch, because so many Beverly Hills/Los Angeles people that are still reality figures today are portrayed as their younger selves and that's really fun to see. I am LOVING David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. We see far too little of him since Friends ended and I love getting a glimpse into what the original patriarch of the Kardashian family was like.

I am also loving Selma Blair's portrayal of Kris Jenner. She has always been a favorite (since Cruel Intentions) and it's fun to see her interact with Faye Resnick's character (who I did a lot of googling about last night after watching this and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.) I swear that Bravo and E! have an interest in this mini series, because they are playing up all the right people at all the right times coinciding with this show.

Anyway, we're not here to talk about famous murders/murder trials, as this is a style and interiors blog.

I did love watching all the 90's fashion and interiors pop up in the show last night and it was reminding me how we are really seeing a resurgence of 90's style both in fashion and interiors.
And I do not mean the grungy-Courtney Love, pants dropping, flannel shirt type of 90's.

I'm more into the Clueless, Carolyn Kennedy, Only You with Marisa Tomei ---Ultra CHIC type 90's.

For instance the resurgence of plaid and checks---which I must say I hope is back to stay for a while.

As seen in Clueless.


And in one of my personal 90's favorites---The Parent Trap remake with Lindsay Lohan.
She is so darling here.

I am obsessed with plaid and checks in interiors right now. One of my client's houses has ended up being sort of Ralph Lauren esque meets 1940's modern and we've done LOTS of plaid. 

Love these rooms.

If you've never seen Only You with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr, do yourself a favor and Netflix it immediately. It was my FAVORITE movie as a kid and might still be my favorite to this day.

Marisa Tomei's fashion is ON POINT---She even looks chic when running around in Keds, they're driving around Italy and Robert Downey, Jr. is hilarious and oh so cute.

Love her red dress in the movie and love red re-imagined by Miles Redd in this gorgeous dining room in a recent issue of Veranda.

More Marisa Tomei fashion in all it's 90's glory.

I love how people just unabashedly wore all white like all the time in the 90's.
Did dirt not exist then?

Carolyn Kennedy in all white.

I think we all know that all white interiors have surged in popularity in the last few years---especially where clean, all white kitchens are concerned.

More Carolyn Kennedy in a fab leopard coat.

I'm not sure that I can say that leopard has "resurged" as it's really always a classic neutral in my opinion, but I'm hard pressed not to love any piece of clothing or interior with leopard.

Love this room by Nick Olsen.

I'm not sure who the room below is designed by, but it pretty much inspired my own sofa.

Can't talk about The Parent Trap on this blog without drooling over a few of the interiors from the movie.

It was directed by Nancy Meyers who always always has fabulous sets, so that's no surprise.

I still think about the "London House" to this day. So traditional, so English, SO Classic.

I really feel like, especially in the last few years, that traditional interiors are "cool" again.

Love this room by Miles Redd.

Even though she's a total witch in the movie, you can't help but love Meredith Blake's wardrobe.

I still think about it to this day. The perfect picture of classic and chic. Such a Grace Kelly type look.

Classic Black and White will always be chic in interiors.

Love this foyer with the classic black and white floors and the gold and ivory buffet.

What was your favorite 90's look?