Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday---Winter Weddings!

Greetings from Telluride, CO.
One of the most beautiful places on earth.

Especially in the winter.
I'm up here with the man-friend, my family and friends to celebrate my Dad's 60th!

The winter weather snow and massive amounts of white are making me lust for winter weddings.

With fur and a fabulous fascinator.
And a white dress against beautiful white snow.

And a fabulous, rustic bouquet complete with big roses and succulents!

images via
And a wintery dessert display.

What's your take on the Winter Wedding?

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bamboo Chairs.... The Project, Part One!

As you'll recall, this summer I found a screamin' deal on a set of faux bamboo chairs with a matching dining table.

I've been putting off deciding what to do with them, because I want them to be absolutely perfect. 
Well, this Sunday morning, the man-friend and I got started on the chair re-do project!

The original chairs at the Fort Worth Flea!

They were originally a natural wood finish with leopard upholstery.

I'm using the four matching dining chairs for the dining room and the hostess chair for a new desk chair.

For the dining chairs, I decided on a gloss navy wood with the cushion upholstery in Trina Turk for Schumacher Peacock in the "Pool" colorway.

Trina Turk Peacock in Pool

My desk chair is my current challenge.

Originally, I had plans to paint it gloss black and use the fun pink and white fabric below.
Then, when I was looking at paint in the store, I laid my eyes on this pretty Ballet Slipper pink!

And, as a true pink lover, I just couldn't resist!

Now, I'm faced with the dilemma of what fabric to use for the cushion.

I could go all the way with my original dark pink and white choice....

Or a little more wild with an orange velvet pattern on flax linen.

I'm also loving these options.....

The next issue is, the rug I currently have in my dining room. 
It's a very traditional oriental style.
Hand-me-down from Mom. 
And, yuck.

Sorry, But I can't stand oriental rugs.

I need something much more modern.

I need something to add a little punch under what I'm planning to use---which is the Ikea Docksta Table.

Which these folks have styled so well!

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

I need your help, readers!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm dreaming of.....Next Christmas

I know today should be the return of Wedding Wednesday, but it's not.
Today is when I tell you about my Number 1 New Year's Resolution.
The beauty of said resolution being, that it doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving 2012.

It's how I plan to decorate for Christmas next year.
Have you ever heard the expression, "The cobbler's children have no shoes." ?
Well, that's how I felt last night as I phoned in my Christmas decorating and put up the same darn tree
I've been putting up since college.

"You're an aspiring Decorina", I thought--- #JUDGING MYSELF.
It's just NOT ok.

I'm still on the same tiffany blue and silver theme of the last 5 Christmas'. Really,
because with my new design job, I have ZERO time to think about Christmas.
But next year, folks, things are going to be different!

I am one-hundred percent planning to purchase a 1960's era pink tinsel tree.

And it's going to be fabulous.
Not in an Elle Woods way---In a Betty Draper way.

I'm also planning to fill every container I can find with vintage mercury glass balls like these.....

And do some cool "DIY" projects, like make table-top vintage trees
and Mercury glass wreaths.

And, while we're on a pink tangent---I LOVE this vintage pink Mercedes.

I also plan to mix in some "natural" things into my Christmas displays.

Now, readers, I'm expecting you to hold me to it next December.

Oh, and P.S. I fully plan to do all this while wearing a tulle evening gown like the one above.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good (well, good enough) girl this year.
Here's my list!


Mackenzie Page

Dying over this enamel Hermes "H" bracelet.
I think it's so chic in white and gold.

Slim Aaron's "Poolside Gossip"
I've had this on my list forever---and I'm really really hoping for it.

I lost my sunglasses recently, and these Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Tortoise are the perfect replacement!

I have tons of these Nikibiki tanks already, 
but I need more. I wear one everyday---Super comfy and great for layering.

I'm always looking for coffee table books to add to my collection 
and these two are at the top of my list!

Lots of people are Lululemmon lovers---but I'm a Lucy girl.
Their yoga wear is fab and I love their black leggings.

I'm definitely needing some new kicks to start my resolutions off right!

What's on your list?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Coffee

One of my favorite things to do over Saturday morning coffee (when we have the time, anyway) is talk to my "Style Soulmate" Lauren. Sometimes we let two hours pass by talking about vintage finds on EBay and Etsy, the decision to make a big home purchase, pillows, weddings, fashion----You name it.

I thought it would be fun for a new blog series to share a few of my favorites from the week, things I'm thinking about, purchases I'm contemplating.

Welcome, to Saturday Morning Coffee at MackenziePages.

I just made my (very belated) Christmas list and one of the things on there was a Slim Aarons print.
I asked for "Poolside Gossip", a favorite of mine, set in Palm Springs (see below). In the process of deciding on my first Slim Aarons acquisition, I came across this holiday photo of his, showing his wife floating in a Christmas festooned pool. As someone who adores sun and water time virtually anytime of year, this is just SO fabulous.

Last night I stayed up late re-watching the first season of Mad Men and fawning all over Betty Draper's fabulous ensembles. I love how demure and glamorous she is. And, most of the things she wears, I would wear now. It inspires me to be a little more glamorous each day. This photo above reminds me of a Betty Draper inspired fashion moment.

Pillow via Furbish Studio

I'm currently helping a friend with her home, and I'm LOVING this color combo as a pop for the living room. It may be too bright for some, but I love how unexpected this combo is.

Happy Saturday! More to come next week!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New (to me) Face on the Design Front.....J Logan Interiors

Last night, a friend emailed me a link to the website of J Logan Interiors.
Jennifer Jones of J Logan Interiors is a New York based designer that I share Houston roots with,
so I was intrigued.

I was so refreshed by the images I saw. She seems to have such a clean and classic style, without being boring or TOO subdued. I like her mix of color and textures and the nod to trends while maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

See for yourself!

I love how effortlessly chic this boutique is. It's refreshingly simple.
It's like those girls you see who look so chic with a sleek ponytail and almost no make-up.

 I love the mix of color in her living areas. Some of these were designed with Robyn Karp of Robyn Karp Interiors.

I can't decide which of these two is my favorite.
I love this orange chesterfield mixed with soft pinks and greys.

This living room is so clean and ethereal. I love the addition of the beach photograph and the eclectic rug.

And what a DARLING little girls room!

This kitchen looks sleek and functional. I love how the tulip table and faux bamboo chairs are quietly trendy, but classic all at the same time. And a nod to the 60's---which of course I love.

I love this solution to a small space. The clean look of white cabinets and backsplash with the crisp stripe on the walls is fantastic!

I'm glad for the introduction to Miss Jennifer of J Logan Interiors.
Her designs have inspired me in more ways than one!