Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year---Let's all Think Pink!

WOW I've been away a long time. If you're still out there reading this little ol' blog---I thank you!
I have no excuse---I was busy starting a business, blah blah blah---whatever, I'm BACK.

I'm going to spare you on my resolutions for the New Year--they are nothing ground breaking or original.

I'm not sure why people don't just save themselves the time, because basically everyone has one blanket resolution.



Anyway, I wanted to get right down to what's on my mind---and that my friends, is PINK.

I was scrolling through insta this morning (shout out to @bigshipmedia ) and I saw a familiar image (similar to the one below) of a restaurant in London. You have no doubt oggled this one before as it's all over Instagram and Pinterest.

I am a pink person through and through. I absolutely love blue and green too (no secret if you've ever seen a smidgen of my work), but pink is my one true love.

We bought a vacant lot here in Fort Worth last year, and we are hoping to start building sometime in the next year. Pink is going to be a integral theme in this new house, so you may be seeing a lot of inspo coming your way in this vein. 

I have many clients that shy away completely from pink, which is often comical to me, as it seems that pink centric images seem to be some of the most popular on Pinterest/Instagram. I think it's a little bit more daunting to commit to it in your own home.

I love the pictures I see of Peggy Porschen Cakes in London.
I am one of those people who HATES Halloween decorations, but those below are fabulous.

While perusing 1st Dibs today for a client, I spotted a feature on designer Fran Hickman, and fell in love with her spaces for Emilia Wickstead and Moda Operandi's London operation.
They are the perfect example of how pink can be sophisticated and modern, rather than juvenille or bubblegum-esque.

In love with the channel back and rattan chair seen in the mirror above.

I would also like to know who the photographer is in the prints shown above and below. There is nothing better than retro, slightly subversive photography.

photos above via 1stDibs and Pinterest

The client of mine we did the bathroom below for does not shy away from pink!
This is a project I completed recently with my husband Brian ( Follow in Insta: @zwickhomesfw )
The Cole & Son Flamingo wallpaper is a favorite of mine and I love the vintage bamboo mirrors I found and had painted a glossy grey.

photo above via Kelli Durham Photography

So, do tell, What do you think of pink?