Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Pink Dreams.....

I'm simply dying to re-do my bedroom (actually my entire home, but whatever).
What's totally throwing me for a loop is that I cannot get these two images out of my noggin.

I'm LOVING peachy pinks and corals for the boudoir right now.

What's weird is that I'm one of those people who adores color in the rest of the house but wants to keep the bedroom calming and neutral.

I just feel like it's easier to relax that way.

But ya'll, I think my gut is telling me that I'm ready for something different now.

I obviously need to incorporate both peachy pink and coraly orange.
With Hotel-Style Bedding and Saturated Silk Taffeta Curatins.

And perhaps an artsy photog of my fave ever wall at the Parker in Palm Springs
(to be later replaced by my own wedding photo, obvi)

A few other boudoirs that are striking my fancy at the moment....

Dying over this bedroom I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago.
Is that a cowhide and lucite chair?

Yes, yes it is.

images on

The real question is how I'm going to convince my color-blind man friend that
I did not in fact make him live & sleep in pink and orange.

Perhaps I'll just say it's red?
I'll need everyone's help convincing him.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday---- The Newest Accessory!

I hate to be selfish on Wedding Wednesday (which, I know is everyone's FAVE day),
but sometimes, I just need to talk about my own (non-existent) wedding.
And what I want.
Partly because I know mom (hi mom!) reads this blog and I need
to start getting her on my wagon early.
And partly because it's just fun to talk about yourself.

And what I want friends, is succulents.

They are the new accessory in wedding flowers.

Particularly if you're having a desert style wedding (Palm Springs!) or something rustic.

They add a certain something, dontchathink?

 And OBVIOUSLY they look great with mercury glass.

I like them as table decor.

And in the bridey bouquet.

What's your take on succulents?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Treats!

I couldn't decide what to post about today,
so I thought I'd just throw out a few things that I'm really loving right now!

1. Over the top Hollywood Regency Style Buffets

2. Tufted Sofas. SO Glam, and they work with any style.

Especially if they're yellow tufted sofas.

3. Hotel Style Bedding
'Specially if it's orange.

 4. Well Decorated Shelves/Built-Ins.

DYING over this one.

5. This Kazak Fabric from Quadrille.
I feel like ya'll are probably sick of hearing about it!

6. Silk Tafetta Drapes.
Especially if they're long and done in a saturated color.

7. Sleek & Modern Kitchens with tons of style.

8. Mid-Century Modern Homes.
Can't explain my obsession.
I troll the MLS listings for them CONSTANTLY.

all images via

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts on a Dining Room Situation....

Ok, so I'm majorly jonesing for a dining room redo at the moment.
This photo that Paloma posted on La Dolce Vita the other day nearly made me faint with envy.

As I said a few weeks ago, I recently purchased a set of faux bamboo chairs with a matching table
at the flea market here in Fort Worth.

I am absolutely in love with them, yet haven't the faintest idea what my real plans are for them as of yet.

I do know that I want to have a slightly smaller table, so that I can fit the faux bamboo etagere that I also purchased recently in my tiny dining room space.

While I'm wrestling with color to paint my new etagere and chairs,
I'm also thinking hard about the kind of dining table I want....

A cool saarien tulip table like in this Mid-Century Mod Jonathan Adler space?

A table with a glossy merrisier finish?

Gloss white?

Traditional Farmhouse (basically what I already have now)

image via Coco Cozy Blog

 A nod to the sixites with vintage brass and a glass top?
Or a more mod version from CB2?

Or maybe a gloss black tulip version?

And now for my inspiration board.

I know that I'm planning to re-do my living room in the near future and since it sits right off of the
dining room, I think it's probably smart to have one cohesive color scheme.

And right now I'm thinking robin's egg blue mixed with orange....

Thoughts? Our walls are a pretty dark mocha color(which I do not plan to change)

I'm thinking about painting the chairs a gloss robin's egg blue like this desk.

And upholstering them in a fun ikat fabric like (my fave!!) Kazak from Quadrille.

Now, here's the challenge....

Do I white lacquer the etagere? That seems like the most sensible choice.
I certainely don't think I sould do a matchy-matchy look with the chairs.

I'd like to finish off the room with a fun chandelier and a Hollywood Regency Style Rug.

Whatdoya think?

Stayed tuned for my living room plans!

Wedding Wednesdays.... From Over-blown to Understated.

Let me preface this Wedding Wednesday with this thought:

I really try not to be negative about anything on this blog.
I generally think that it's much more constructive to talk about things
that I love and adore, rather than things that make me want to vom.

But I just can't let Tony and Candice Romo's wedding go, ya'll.
It's just TOO bad.

If you had the pleasure of viewing their wedding video before it was removed from YouTube,
then you're aware of what I'm talking about.

I live in North Texas and love it,
but it's Dallas in the worst possible way.
It's exacerbating the bad view of this region of
Texas that we're all bimbos with too much make-up and OVER THE TOP taste.

I think what's mainly offending me though,
is that this wedding is one in a million over-done, over-blown weddings.

Wow, an 8-tier cake!
What a marvel!

Because, that's TOTALLY all real.

And her dress.
Oh, her dress.

Cannot deal with it.

Do you think she actually looked at this advertisement and thought,

"Wow, how classy, how demure. I think I should wear that."

You know what it is?
It's the Over-Blown Syndrome from the movie, Bridesmaids.

You know, the wedding where everyone gets puppies (puppies?!) at the bridal shower.
The wedding that leaves the bride in tears and MIA on the morning of her wedding.

 The puppies were precious, but OVERKILL.

The one thing I notice that most over-blown wedding have in common is what I like
to call " The Club Effect".

Colored Lights + Shapes projected on the venue ceiling= VOMIT.

I don't know WHY people feel the need to do this.

Do you think that looks pretty? Or Wedding like?

Brides everywhere, REPEAT after me.
No matter how rockin' my band/DJ is
Now matter how glitterati my reception ensem is
My wedding is NOT a NIGHT-CLUB.
What happened to a beautiful room or tent covered in white lights?
Like in Father of the Bride.
I'll tell you one thing. Nancy Meyers knows wassup.

Here's what I want to see.
Demure, Tasteful, Beautiful,

and most of all, Understated Weddings.

images via

Like these.

Enough with my rant! Happy Wedding Wednesday!