Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday---- The Newest Accessory!

I hate to be selfish on Wedding Wednesday (which, I know is everyone's FAVE day),
but sometimes, I just need to talk about my own (non-existent) wedding.
And what I want.
Partly because I know mom (hi mom!) reads this blog and I need
to start getting her on my wagon early.
And partly because it's just fun to talk about yourself.

And what I want friends, is succulents.

They are the new accessory in wedding flowers.

Particularly if you're having a desert style wedding (Palm Springs!) or something rustic.

They add a certain something, dontchathink?

 And OBVIOUSLY they look great with mercury glass.

I like them as table decor.

And in the bridey bouquet.

What's your take on succulents?


Things That Sparkle said...

Absolutely love the texture succulents add to any wedding!

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

fab, unique idea. It adds depth and life to the floral arrangements and great touch to table decor at any event.

wedding accessories said...

This is great planning your theme, style, look, this applies especially with wedding dresses..i love it