Monday, February 28, 2011

This room makes me want SUMMERTIME....

image via Matters of Style Blog

I'm headed back to Houston today to take care of my sweet mom who hurt herself this weekend in a skiing accident. The doctor's think she's torn her ACL.

I wanted to leave you with this image I come back to constantly when trying to get inspired to do a cheery room.
It's from a Coastal Living article last year. It was a home in Jamaica designed by Meg Braff. If you haven't checked out Coastal Living lately, get thee to a newsstand, stat!

I'll update on my mom tomorrow and I have a very special visual treat for my readers!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out on the FUNKY Town

I had quite a busy day yesterday.

Chili Cook-Off at work, followed by appetizers and wine with friends at Tillman's Roadhouse in Fort Worth, followed by cocktails at The Usual on Magnolia.

I typically prefer hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars, but my night yesterday seemed to be filled with one well decorated eatery/drinkery after another.

I had never been to The Usual before, and it has a really cool retro, mid-century modern vibe to it.

 Love the retro pendant lights.

I had been to Tillman's Road House before, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their decor.
There are lots of restaurants that attempt the "Texas Chic" look, but few succeed. 

I think Tillman's has the look down pat.

 This is where we sat last night for appetizer's last night. 
The tufted turquoise banquet is amazing.

One of the things I love about Fort Worth is the unpretentious stance it takes towards Eating & Drinking!
If you're in the Fort Worth area try these places out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

They call me Mellow Yellow.....

Domino (may it rest in peace) used to have a feature where they would use an outfit as inspiration for a room.

I think this applies so easily to real life, as many of my friends wear perfectly stylish outfits, but can't put a room together to save their lives.

Since I find myself still obsessed with this one J Crew outfit (Spring 11'), I thought I would use it as today's muse.

First and foremost, I would add some much needed accessories to our muse outfit.

Starting with these navy Kate Spade Mary Janes
How darling. 

LOVE a  navy & yellow combo.
So fresh.

And add this pretty Kate Spade cream handbag
A fresh take on a classic Chanel, for a small fraction of the price 

A pretty bauble bracelet

And a hot pink necklace....

and you have a gorgeous little outfit.

Now on to the room.

I would start with yellow/white wallpaper to play off the striped shirt

I love both of these options from Schumacher

The "wow" piece in the outfit is the ruffled yellow shorts, so we need something that's the decorating equivalent. 

Which, in my opinion, is a gorgeous tufted yellow couch.

I love these navy/white balloon chairs. What an unexpected combo, since you usually see them in wood/burlap.

They play off the Mary Jane's perfectly!

I love these hot pink side tables to flank the couch! 
They give that needed pop of contrasting color.

Furniture from

I would add these pagoda lamps from Pieces in Atlanta to tie back into the yellow theme.

 And these fabulous yellow foo dogs....

Inspired by the cream purse, this coffee table is a different take on a classic coffee table shape.

The chandelier is inspired by the playfulness of the bracelet.

This one from Horchow is perfect!

What do you think of this room?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I heart you, Jenna Lyons err J Crew....

 image via

I can proudly say that I'm old enough to remember when J Crew was kind of a preppy snooze-fest.
Thanks to the fantasmical Jenna Lyons, it was revived and it's never been the same since.
In a good, no, GREAT way.

I am pretty much obsessed with their Spring 11' Look Book.

A few of my favorite looks....

On my to do list:
1. Get on the waiting list for yellow shorts
2. Sign up for/attend every spinning class available for the next 3-4 months

 Love this dress.
Duh, it's orange.
Not loving the hat paired with it, but whatever.

 Loving everything about this ensem.
It's pink, it's sassy and edgy all at the same time.

 Love the early sixties take on a romper

images via

I would like to wear any/all of these looks while sitting in this room, sipping a vodka lemonade and gabbing with a girlfriend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bedroom thoughts....

image via

I found this image a few days ago and fell in love with this bedroom. What's not to love?


-The hollywood regency style
- the tufted headboard
-the crisp white linens
- the eclectic ikat pillows
- the wrapped parsons side tables
- the framed chinoiserie art
- the mid-century modern bench
-the turquoise foo dogs

The only thing I've not loving is the orange wall. Yes yes, I know. I do love orange. Just not painted on a wall. And not on a bedroom wall. That's a personal preference however. I'm just one of those people that needs very serene surroundings in my boudoir.

What do you think of the bedroom? Could you fall asleep with an orange wall? Or would you pick something different?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Orange Obsession....

I'm loving this picture of Tory Burch's dressing room.

If I had to say that there's a color that feeds my 1960's Palm Beach obsession, it's definitely orange.

I'm just pretty obsessed with anything bearing the color these days.

Even this morning, I'm sipping an orange gatorade in response to my Sunday Fun-Day.

It seems that everywhere I look, Something orange strikes my fancy....

Like these goodies from Etsy.....

Or this Trina Turk fabric from Schumacher

Or this beach cover up from Trina Turk

Or pretty shoulder bag from Kate Spade

As far as decor goes, I love orange because it mixes well with so many colors.

Like Turquoise.....

 Is this tiffany blue cabinet not to die?

Or Navy....

Or Pink....

images via decorpad and Lonny Mag

I adore this little girls room. Look how precious those photos of her are!

As I believe I mentioned previously, I have formerly been deathly afraid of color in my own house.

But lately I've added a few pops and I'm feeling more and more confident about it.

My living room below. Where I've added an apricot bengal bazaar pillow (from Woody Liana on Etsy) and a yellow & orange pillow from Anthropologie

I've also added some orange accessories like an ornate frame (from TJ Maxx) and a Jon Hardy candle

I'm super duper proud of myself for bravely daring to put this chair in my living room.
The man-friend and I found it while perusing a thrift store. 
I took one look at it and went "Yikes, that will need to be recovered.."
Upon putting it in the living room though, it just seemed to work.
Now I'm obsessed with it. And even when we do recover it at some point, I think I will keep it an orange hue.

And last but not least, the inside of my purse...
Bright Orange.

So is my iPhone bumper, but I couldn't get a picture of that.

Happy President's Day!