Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three Nurseries----My Way!

My post last week about Jenna Bush Hager's nursery was so well received (I even got a few emails from readers!) that I decided to do a post on how I would decorate a nursery!

To preface this post. NO, I am not pregnant. NO, I am not planning to become pregnant 

I feel the need to make that disclaimer before my mom starts calling me asking why I've done two baby-related posts in a row. Not a joke, she called me recently and asked me why I had been pinning to my "Little One's" pinterest board so much.

I've broken my nursery post into three different scenarios for different styles.
I made all of these gender neutral---which I'm really a fan of. That way it can work just as easily for a second child, no matter the gender.

This nursery is for the mid-century modern enthusiast. 

Modern and Minimalist

Love the natural wood version of the crib we talked about last week. Find it at Dwell Studio.

Changing tables are a waste of money. Get a fab dresser and put a changing pad atop it.

Like this version from West Elm.

You could also go with the one that matches the crib, but I think it's fun to mix and match. Things look more interesting and less cookie cutter that way.
And less like you visited your friendly neighborhood furniture warehouse.

When you're trying to keep things minimalist and simple, I like a neutral shag rug. It gives it a bit of a retro vibe, and the diamond pattern adds a little interest, but blends nicely with the overall look.

This is a great option from RugsUSA.

You could go with a more traditional type glider, but I love the edge that this Eames style rocker has!

Love this crib bumper from Serena & Lily

And this cute little coordinating crib sheet.

I love the idea of adding a funny/edgy pillow like this one from Jonathan Adler.
So un-baby like.

Love these industrial sconces from PhotonicStudio on Etsy.
I would pair two of them (which would flank the crib) 

Our next nursery is for the mom that LOVES color. It's Hollywood Regency inspired, with loads of style and pizazz.

Hollywood Regency

I'd start off with this wallpaper from Schumacher. Omg, it's SO amaze in person.

This crib is a little wild, but I kind of LOVE it.

Since the crib is wild, I think It'd be fun to go with a more neutral chair. Love the lines of this one.
And the contrast of the black piping on the stark white chair.

With a pillow in China Seas Lyford Trellis

And a crib bumper in this fun Bailey and Griffin pattern.

With this crib sheet from Serena & Lily

And this fun pillow from Arianna Belle for inside the crib.

Love the greek key detail on this dresser for the changing table.

This rug keeps in our fun color scheme and I like the graphic element to it.
Again, RugsUSA.com

Looove this chandelier and always have. It would add such a fun element to the room.

My last nursery is for the mom that is traditional, but likes a little bit of edge. Even though this nursery is all in blues, I think it would be perfect for a boy or a girl!

Traditional with a Twist

Love this crib from Restoration Hardware. The oval shape is a fun unexpected element.

I would paint the whole nursery, moldings and doors included in Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue in a high gloss. Like this kitchen below.

I would want to do a little bed treatment flanking the crib like this,

with a crib skirt and bumper to match.

With two little brass swing arm lamps to light the crib, like these 
from Circa Lighting.

For the glider---how about going vintage with one of these fabulous Milo Baughman style swivel chairs from Circa Who?

 Upholstered in this GORGEOUS new fabric from Schumacher.

It's a silk velvet, and its sumptuous in person.

And since we're getting really crazy, how about two of these fun 1970's chandeliers via 1st Dibs for either side of the room?

For the changing table, I love this Modern Gustavian Chest from Wisteria. This is actually not crazy expensive, and I love how it coordinates with the crib, but isn't matchy matchy.

Since our budget in this imaginary nursery is obviously HUGE, I see no reason why the baby's closet can't get a little love.

Dying over this Cole and Son wallpaper to adorn the inside of the closet!

Here it is shown in a butler's pantry.

Which nursery scenario is your favorite?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jenna Bush Hager's Fabulous Nursery

What's not to love about adorable Jenna Bush Hager?
Remember her appearance on Ellen a few years ago when Ellen asked her to phone President Bush?

I saw a link to her daughter, Mila's nursery tour on Today.com via Facebook today and had to share it for those of you who hadn't seen it yet.

Three things struck me about this nursery. One, it's very nicely decorated---and I feel like I see SO many nurseries, celebrities included that are horrifying looking. Two, it's not too baby-fied, meaning that if you took away the crib and the photogs of baby animals, you could be in any other bedroom. And three, that despite her celebrity status and obvious familial wealth, the decor is very accessible.
It looks like something that we could all reasonably have.

I'm done with North West and her bazillion dollar crib.
I mean, let's get real here people!

Love this darling turquoise velvet glider. And truth be told, later on the swivel mechanism could be removed and it could meld seamlessly into her living room.

That brick wall is EVERYTHING. One of the many perks of living in a fabulous old building in NYC.

Love that all the art is so personal. Including this cat painted by GW.

Love the juxtaposition of the traditional mirror with the modern dresser.

So, if you wanted to achieve the look in Mila Hager's nursery, I've scouted a few key pieces with which to do so!

First of all, I love how they decided to go gender neutral with their nursery. Whether or not you decide to find out the gender of your unborn child, I think this is a great decision. Yes, if you're having a girl it can be tempting to make every last inch of the nursery pink, but what about your second child? I also think gender neutral nurseries tend to look less childish, which can get kitschy reaaaaalll quick if you're not careful.

Their soft blue paint color is absolutely gorgeous---she says in the article that she chose it because she was positive she was having a boy, but nowadays, I really think blue acts as a neutral and can work for either a baby boy or girl.

I love something with a bit more oomph---I think Jenna chose correctly since alot of the wall  space is claimed by that magical exposed brick, but for those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in an older building, I like the saturation of this color for a regular four wall room.

This chandelier from Shades of Light, which looks pretty similar to the one from Mila's nursery.

I think Mila's crib and dresser are from Dwell Studio, and as far as cribs go, they're decently priced.

The Harper Crib from Pottery Barn Baby, which is becoming one of my favorites (I may or may not have spotted it while innocently browsing through a PB Baby catalogue in line at my friendly neighborhood Pottery Barn.) is another fun, modern option, and I like the gender neutrality of white, especially if you plan on multiple children.

I will always vote for vintage when possible, and I love this option from CircaWho for the mirror above the dresser/changing table.

Love this shag rug from RugsUSA (definitely my favorite inexpensive rug source). I like the retro aspect of shag with the modernized design. Plus it would be oh so soft for a baby to roll around on.

If you were on a major budget, this glider off of Amazon certainly gets you the look.

To take it one step further---In comfort and function, you could try this pretty skirted version from Duralee fitted with a swivel glider mechanism.

Upholstered in this darling Bailey and Griffin toile. Which again, could later be a normal chair in your living room.

What do you think of Jenna Bush Hager's decor in Mila's nursery?
Are you a fan of gender neutral nurseries?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why not break with tradition?

When September rolls around, I become acutely aware that the Holidays are right around the corner. Last year, Brian and I hosted our first Thanksgiving and invited his mom over for supper. With the wedding looming, I was trying to be as Paleo as possible, and so we tried something a little different. Full disclosure, neither Brian nor I are huge traditional Thanksgiving food fans to begin with, so we didn't mind parting with your typical stuffing, green bean casserole and turkey. Some of you might find that a bit more difficult. We had spoken often about our indifference to traditional Holiday fare, and how nice it might be to break with convention and serve up something unique. So we did a "Paleo Thanksgiving", though it really had more to do with throwing tradition to the wind, and less to do with dietary restrictions.

For my hors d'oeuvres , I did prosciutto wrapped melon ( a party favorite for any occasion) and smoked salmon and cucumber canapés. As I was trying to keep dairy out of it, I used mustard, rather than the traditional cream cheese, creme fraiche, or goat cheese route to adhere the salmon to its cucumber vehicle.

For my starters, I did a sauteed pear salad and a Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Oil. (Word to the wise, any dish containing truffle oil is instantly impressive when entertaining----It's the food equivalent of an Hermes blanket.)

I got the sauteed pear salad recipe from Country Living in college and it has been a fall go to ever since.

The cauliflower soup is incredibly easy. Roast one head of cauliflower (cut up and drizzled with olive oil or coconut oil, salt and pepper), one whole head of garlic and one whole onion (both drizzled with olive oil and wrapped in foil) in the oven. Puree in batches with chicken broth to desired consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon into bowls and drizzle with truffle oil. That's IT.

For the main course we decided on beef tenderloin, which was so delicious and easy. I was glad that we decided not to fuss with a Turkey, especially on our first time to host Thanksgiving.
My advice is to find a recipe that seems best and simplest to you. Brian researched a bunch of them and settled on what worked for him.

Our sides included Mashed Sweet potatoes (with grass fed butter) , Haricot Verts (which I simply steamed) and roasted brussel sprouts (halved brussels, minced garlic, chopped pecans and olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted in the oven). 

Yes, that's rosé in my insta-post. If you thought it was only for summer, you thought wrong.

I found that with the rich flavors of the soup, salad and tenderloin, it was best to keep the sides simple.

And a little glimpse at my table setting. I lucked out with the potted succulents---a good friend of ours got married the week before and these were her rehearsal dinner centerpieces. The advantage of an "in-town" wedding is that sometimes you get to take said centerpieces home.
The tablecloth was a $10 score from Home Goods, as were the napkins, which I believe are Ralph Lauren.

This year I don't want to completely repeat ourselves, so I'm thinking of going less Paleo and more gourmet. The tenderloin may make a reappearance since it was such a hit. I'm also DYING to use our new Anna Weatherley soup bowls.

And I'm kind of thinking this Butternut Lobster Bisque from the blog Savory Simple might be the perfect thing to serve in them.

image courtesy of savory simple

So, is breaking with tradition something you would dare to do?