Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living Room Lovin'

Last week, I showed you a picture of what my living room looks like currently.
It's lovely, but I'm ready to start making a few changes that I've been waiting to make.

As you know, I've been trying to decide how to re-do my new bamboo chairs that
I found at the Fort Worth flea market last month.

My biggest challenge has been deciding how to use the chairs to compliment the living room that they will
be sitting directly across from.

This weekend, my friend Lauren and I were playing around with fabrics and I think I've finally settled on a combo that I adore.

The fabric combo I chose.

I already have a Schumacher Hot House Flowers pillow in the Verdance colorway.
The cream and mustard floral pattern was holding the place of a similar colored throw I already have that I will be using.

I loved the Trina Turk Peacock Fabric in blue, but I didn't want to make everything in my house
look totally "Palm Beachy" in case I get tired of that look.

I also want my living area to be sophisticated and to grow with my tastes.

So here's what I came up with:

 I'm wanting a tan leather chesterfield and to have my wingback chair recovered in tan linen.
I also plan to recover a slipper chair in tan linen with an aqua detail at the bottom.

I really like the idea of my bamboo chairs in a gloss navy with the Trina Turk peacock print.

The pillows for my couch would be an olive green velvet, to tie in the olive tone in the peacock print.
In front of those pillows, I plan to use Schumacher's Shantung Silhouette in Mineral.
Which, I'm pretty much obsessed with.

And I think I've settled on getting a burlwood coffee table.
It's just too amazing and mid-century.

Even though these colors are more muted than what I'm currently into,
I think they're timeless.

Thoughts Party People?


Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing how you have access to designer fabrics? Are you working with a designer and if not, where do you go to buy these? Thanks so much! Love your blog!

Sarah S. said...

If only it was in my budget right now... I would totally copy verbatim your entire design plan!! That Trina Turk fabric is lustworthy and that chesterfield sofa... so chic and timeless and looks extremely comfortable too!

Lauren @ The Semi-Designed Life said...

The only thing I can think to comment is that my hand looks like an eagle claw. That and that you should have asked me for the REAL pictures so you could have exploited the true delicious colorful glories. So happy that you had fun in the Boxwood fabric room and that I could make your wildest fabric dreams come true!

mackenziepage said...


I work for a designer as well as having several friends that work for a designer.

As far as getting the fabrics, I'm not using any designer fabrics in large quantities, I'm really only using a few yards for my dining room chairs. Some fabrics can be purchased through discount sites. You can google "discount Trina Turk fabric" They upcharge about 20%. The catch is that you can only buy them in small quantities, usually. Because I want nicer fabrics, I'm using them in small places, like dining chairs and pillows,and using inexpensive neutral linen to recover my chairs.

I buy most of my pillows on Etsy. They are probably way upcharging for fabric, but if you total out what it would cost to purchase the fabric and then get pillows made, you usually come out ahead just using Etsy. I also have them back the pillows in a neutral fabric instead of using the print all the way around and it usually discounts the pillows by 20-50%.

Sarah S.-Trust me, doing this on a teensy budget, just finding great ways to cut corners!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics! Your post made me ponder something though...is it better to use 'timeless' fabrics that you're not really 100% into, or use the fabrics you really like right now in small doses, like pillows and chair cushions, which you can easily/cheaply replace if you get sick of them?

Jill said...

Love your style. Love it! Love your blog. I am new to the area and need to hire an interior designer. Do you do this work? Or can you make some recommendations? I am in Denton, Texas.