Sunday, July 20, 2008

Head of the Class....

As the search for the perfect bedroom combination continues, I find that the next most important aspect besides the bedding is the headboard that you choose. The headboard defines the character of your bedroom, gives it a sense of ambiance, the way that an outfit is never complete without jewelery. I want something that will give a serene, classic look to my bedroom, while also being functional, comfortable to lean my head against, and give it a little design edge. I think tufted, fabric covered headboards are just spectacular, but I usually see them offered for a ton of money. This oatmeal colored one from is inexpensive at around $300 and would offset white bedding with a subtle and beautiful contrast. This other headboard from Williams Sonoma Home is a bit more modern, but would also look gorgeous with white bedding and would give the room a more minimalist feel.

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