Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ok, Readers.

I have to say that I'm a tad disappointed in your disinterest in freeloading off of yours truly.

I mean, I know people (well paid, normal humans) that will stand in line for a free pack of Bubblicious Gum.

And I'm trying to hand your happy ass a gorgeous free pillow!

I jest, but it got me thinking that perhaps you don't see the versatility of this pillow. So I thought I'd show you what this beautiful lumbar pillow can do for you.

First, take a gander at the first picture on this post. Almost the same pillow without the navy piping, right at home in an understated French chair.

I also have a French chair upholstered in a trellis print. While unexpected, this pillow adds a fun element to my chair!

Next, on my bed with my French linen grey and white bedding. It adds a pop of color.

Or maybe you like it opposite a different color Hot House Lumbar on a neutral sofa?

Or atop a white armchair?

Bottom Line, this pillow goes with anything. Whether your style is Hollywood Regency, Understated French, Mid-Century Modern, or Super Traditional.

So start entering you silly Sally's!

Editor's Note: You must be a public blog follower to be eligible for entry!


Satiricalgem said...

i'd love to enter, but I just came across your blog from a casasugar.com user post. Do i have to send in some silly video demonstrating my love for all things blue and orange? because I WILL DO IT! don't tempt me. :)

mackenziepage said...


Haha, no video necessary! Although if you're willing, I'm sure I would find your testimonial entertaining!

All you have to do is publically follow my blog and then you can enter six more times by tweeting, commenting,etc. See the post below this one for deets!

Thanks for reading!

Lacey said...

Can't even deal with this pattern. Three huge pillows are now living on my sofa in this pattern and I DIE to add this beauty to my entry bench... :D Mememememeeeee!! :)

Callie said...

Love it and want it!!! Would me sooo perfect for my new room that I am letting yours truly decorate :)