Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fabulous Palm Springs Abode!

I was perusing the Sotheby's and Trulia websites, per usual, for photos of fabulous Palm Springs abode's. I came across this home on 2733 East Kings Rd.

It was designed in the late 1960's by architect, William Krisel.

I was first of all pleased to see that unlike the many $1 million + homes in the area, it's priced at $545,000.
Still a lot of money, but definitely something slightly more attainable for mere mortals!

I am also impressed by the gorgeous mid-century construction, because it adds the element I am most crazy for when it comes to mid-century homes---- LIGHT.

I love the way these homes are constructed to let the most exterior light possible shine through.
And sunshine just makes you happier, doesn't it?

Although the decor is not really my taste, it works well with the style of the home.
( I would need an extra shot of glam though..... And I really see a kelly green and aqua palette in this home!)

It reminds me alot of the Hampton's house that the Sex and the City girls visited in the last episode of Season 5, " I love a Charade"

Or as it's more commonly known,
"The one where Samantha throws cantaloupes at a couple of stripper townies"

What are your thoughts?


Sarah S. said...

1. I love your Sex & the City reference
2. I love the living room architecture
3. Totally agree about the decor... more colors please.

Ps. you know that Missoni & Target's line is coming out in about a week.... :)

mackenziepage said...

CANNOT WAIT for the Missoni for Target line. I'll be the one in the tent at 5 pm the night before....

One of my fave SATC epis by far!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about these homes in Indian Canyons. That's why we just bought 2739 S. King's Rd! All original tile floors in the living area surrounds the original ochre, and gray terrazzo sunken living room. We were so lucky to be able to have gotten this home! The light, the views. It's modern, understated elegance and style!
I deal in mainly 20th C. modern furniture so I'm going to have a field day decorating when we move in!