Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm soooo Vain.....

So, I've pretty much always wanted a vanity. A place to beautify myself, while sipping champagne and listening to tunes.

And while I've made valiant attempts by purchasing several different "vanity tables", I've never fully set one up.

In my current bedroom, I have my vanity table and now it's begging for the addition of a mirror and chair , so that I can live out my vanity dreams.

And I want ya'll to help me pick a chair.

Some lovely vanities....

In my more wild dreams, my vanity is housed in a dressing room like this.
Doesn't that sound nice?

And I emerge from the dressing room looking like one of these lovely ladies.
Ok, Back to Reality.

I already have one of these chairs in mind, but tell me what ya'll think.

 Will it be.....

 The black velvet Louis XVI style?

 A pretty colored ghost chair?

 A simple tufted beauty?

images via, Domino Magazine, Elle Decor, Vanity Fair, High Fashion Home, World Market, Kartel

An Industrial Chic Cafe Chair?

Comon readers, Give me your opinions! 
I know you possess them!

Or suggest something else to your liking!


valerie said...

This makes me want a vanity all to myself, too! I love SJP's mirrored one in your first photo. I think my vote is for a fun colored ghost chair, maybe with a pillow to go with (esp since I've heard they may not be the most comfy). Otherwise go for tufted! :)

Jenae said...

Tufted Beauty. Definitely :)

mackenziepage said...

I have the ghost chair in mind so far... Only because I want a modern element in the boudoir. And I have a tufted ottoman at the end of my bed...

Mary said...

ahhh! I've been lusting over a vanity of my very own ever since I was 5! Unfortunately, I still don't have one, but it's in the plans...

Without seeing your actual table/mirror combo, I am inclined to go with the Tufted Beauty. Feels like it could go with just about anything, and It feels likes something you'd actually want to sit in.

Maybe the Ghost Chair, if it had a comfortable pillowed bottom.