Monday, May 2, 2011

INTERVENTION, the Tale of a Furniture Crazed Interior Decorator

Meg Braff via

Last week, while furiously googling "white etagere" for a client,  I came across these bad boys from a shop in Palm Beach, called Circa Who.

And for about an hour while I scoured their website, all I could think was, "Is this a stinking joke?!"
I've literally never been more excited in my life.
If you like Hollywood Regency or the 1960's Palm Beach vibe at all, go check IT OUT, Immediately.

For a minute, I almost considered not sharing my new secret internet amazingness with you, and then I thought, "Well that's just selfish."

On to the next part of my story. 
While hunting around for said shelves in a lovely thrift shop in Houston this weekend, 
I stumbled upon this gorgeous tufted leather chesterfield love seat.

And I immediately thought of this space designed by Kelly Wearstler 

 And I was pretty much ready to throw out my whole living room 
in order to start over with this love seat as my centerpiece.

And the friend accompanying me pretty much was about to stage an Intervention.
Because let's face it, with the amount of times I'm wanting to redecorate every inch of my home lately,
it could be neccessary.

I wonder if A&E's Intervention show takes Interior Decorators?
It might be a welcome change from all the drug addicts.

I didn't spring for the sofa (yet.) 

But I did find a fabulous Rattan Etagere at that very same thrift store!


I'm going to spray paint it a gloss white so it can look like these beauties!

Is there anything that you have a weakness for buying?

Home Decor? Magazines? Shoes?


Haden said...

OMG I need shelves exactly like that! Which thrift store did you go to? p.s. good to see you this weekend.

Laura said...

on a random note,

UMM jonathan adler pouf much?? amazing!

mackenziepage said...

Hi Guys!

Haden, The etagere is from Guild Shop. The very same shop where I accosted your unsuspecting twin, ha.

Laura, I KNOWWWWW! Loving ALL of it! Get the pouf! I'll be so jeally!