Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Obsession......Breck Woolsey

A couple months ago, I shared photos of this fabulous Dallas apartment designed by Breck Woolsey.

And I thought it was high time that I share more of his work with my lovely readers.

LOVING the apartment that he designed for his girlfriend, Lauren.

I have been to Park on Henderson a couple of times before, and I knew there was something special about the decor, even though I wasn't aware that Breck designed this lovely eatery at the time.


 I feel like a lot of today's designers try to fit a certain mold, and I love that Breck's work is so unique.
I'm really liking how he mixes of the moment pieces with true retro and mid-century pieces.

What do you think of Breck's aesthetic?


My Many Moments said...

I love the peacocks on the mantel side by side! I just saw some on etsy! I might have to pick them up after seeing how great it looks. Thanks for stoping by my blog today. I'm glad you did because now I found yours.
Take Care,

mackenziepage said...

UM, Get those peacocks, Immediately! Don't you love it when you find stuff like that for a steal?

I'm loving your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Breck has started a new company with longtime friend Charles Taylor, also a very talented and handsome designer, Breckinridge Taylor. They are the nicest, most talented guys you'll meet.
Also check out their furniture line, BreckinridgeTaylor at Mecox!!
Love love love your blog by the way!