Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday-----Teeny Tiny Wedding

 One wedding related thing that Brian and I have joked/talked/thought about a lot is the prospect of eloping.

Well, maybe not "eloping" in the totally technical sense, 
but basically getting married in front of just our families, 
with like two other witnesses.

Having an easy relaxed ceremony & dinner with under 10 people
and then having a big party upon our return from a honeymoon.

Sure, it's unconventional, but the more I think about it,
the benefits start to outweigh the cons.

It's virtually stress-free and you can use the funds normally reserved to feed/entertain 100 plus people
towards something more long-lasting, like a new home, or improvements to your existing home.

I'm loving this sweet Palm Springs elopement at the Parker Hotel----One of my very favorite venues.
images via here

I also ventured over to Style Me Pretty and found more beauties in the elopement department.

When you're only hosting 6 people, you can let your table decor creativity run wild!

images via Style Me Pretty

I love how this couple makes even the courthouse look chic.

 Another benefit to an elopment/small wedding----you can wear whatever you want.
Like a less conventional wedding dress. 
I'm SUPER obsessed with this one from BHLDN

 I love these accessories to go with.
The feather shoes are to die.

And the veil,
oh so flirty and fun!

What's your take on the elopement/teeny tiny wedding?

Love it or leave it?


Princess Martha said...

Lol! I had the same plan and my tiny wedding grew to about 80 people...which I think is still "small" in today's standards ;)
Most important is invite the people you LOVE.
Don't worry about inviting everyone you me ;)
And it's your wedding...whether it's tiny or grand, it will be fabulous!!

Laura Dro Designs said...

Thanks so much for the nomination! Your blog is so fantastic...really wonderful pictures and super addicting! And thank you for the sweet comment about my iPhone cases. Glad to be blog buds now:)