Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Lovely Creative Studio....The Seating Area

Now, across from her desk I would add a seating area.

Somewhere where her husband can hang out with her while she's working late. 
(Their words, not mine. Sweetest couple ever.)

Some of my inspiration. 

Because she's painting the office a silver sage, I really want to incorporate aqua & citrine accents.
These rooms are WAY too bright for our project, but we can achieve a more neutral look by adding the color in with accessories.

Plus, these images are fun to look at.

 Love this room via House of Turquoise.
It's still a little bright, but I like how they've tied in the colors in the curtains, garden stool and pillows.

I love the set-up of Katie Lee Joel's living room below.
And it's much more of the neutral palette we're going for.

images via

My Living Room Mock-Up.

Grey Linen sofa, Artsy floorlamp, gilded side table, python x-benches, black chinese chippendales covered in a pretty teal & beige Schumacher fabric.

One thing I didn't add to this board was a metallic cowhide rug.
It's definitely something I think we should layer over the seagrass.
It will also visually define the "living room" as a separate area.

I just love the effect of cowhides on rooms.

 images via

I would love to add a cowhide like this, white with silver metallic paint!


valerie said...

I kept thinking "I agree I agree!" to each section, but I love it all too. Especially the cowhide rugs...where in the world did you spot the metallic one? Beautiful.

mackenziepage said...


I just googled "metallic cowhide" but there's an awesome store in Houston called Vieux that sells them. I've also seen them on EBay from time to time. Glad you like!